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Let’s use the energy that surrounds us

Let’s use the energy that surrounds us

Renewable energy sources have enormous advantages over conventional energy sources, wherein one of the most important is environmental protection. Investments in environmental projects are even more justified when it comes to the National ParkKopaonik.

A member of MK Group, MK Mountain Resort, aware of the importance of sustainable development suitable for the environment, decided to use a heath source of geothermal energy as a system for heating water in outdoor and indoor pool of Hotel Grand. Since groundwater is one of the most abundant sources of heat, a water-water system was electedas the best solution for heating water where heat pumps use the temperature of well water for heating water in swimming pools of Hotel Grand.

Heat pumps are a reliable and environmentally friendly way of using renewable sources of energy and can be described as a viable heating technology that does not rely on the limited resources of energy, and at the same time,it is in the best interest of a comprehensive climate control, since such technology greatly reduces the need for fossil fuel, leading to a significant reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the atmosphere.

The future is in investing in energy efficiency, which is precisely why the eco-efficiency is of the utmost importance for any company.
You should also think about it, because only the introduction of sustainable technologies can provide a quality life for future generations.