On August 13 in 2016, the Management Board of MK Group is formed which will consist of members  appointed  below, with the described duties:

  1. Miodrag Kostić - President
  2. Jovan Purar – Corporate  & Legal & HR;
  3. Dušan Radičević - Group Finance;
  4. Jelena Galić – Banking & Finance;
  5. Vladimir Gavrić –Controlling and Acquisitions;
  6. Božidar Kostić – Trading in agricultural raw materials;
  7. Nemanja Vuković - Agriculture and grain trading 
  8. Ljubiša Radenković – Sugar production;
  9. Nikola Avram – Tourism  & Real Estate;
  10. Luka Bjeković – Strategy & Development.
  11. Milica Lukić – Secretary

The purpose of organizing the Management  Board is improvement  and harmonization  of business process  management  of MK Group as a whole and each division  or member company  of MK Group, improvement  of mutual cooperation  and communication  and significantly  better use of financial,  organizational  and human resources,  including the purpose  of becoming  an institution  and means to strengthen  the capacity of all management  teams.

Decision of the Board of Directors MK Group will be binding for all member companies of the holding company MK Group and MK Holding.