MK Lake Resort

The core activity of the Company is fishing tourism

The Šelevrenac lake is located at Fruška Gora hillside, near Inđija, within the tripoint of Krušedol Prnjavor, Krušedol village and Maradik,– the natural reserve owned by the Company. 

This unique complex is fully isolated, offering its visitors peace and enjoyment of the natural surroundings. The complex includes a mini restaurant with a terrace overlooking the lake and volleyball, sand volleyball and football courts located nearby. Thanks to this appealing configuration, the beach of the lake is perfect for driving quads and the complex also includes a mini zoo.

The Šelevrenac lake is a natural, intact natural reserve, being the habitat of numerous species of animals and the perfect place for having one-day picnics and escape the city rush. Having the area of approximately 65 ha, it is a habitat of various freshwater fish, which makes this reserve perfect for sports fishing.

Fishing lovers may buy day, 24-hour and night tickets or use organized group visits.


MK Lake Resort
Tel: +381 64 8165 068