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Why Choose Us

About our employees
MK Group consists of 6000 people employed in 75 companies sharing a common vision. Our organization comprise of interconnected team of professionals achieving synergetic work effect through their experience, knowledge, youth and energy. A significant number of our employees have started their professional development in one of MK Group members. We are especially proud of those who have been with us from the beginning, but we are also constantly opening up new business opportunities for young, promising and creative people who want to start their careers in a company such as MK Group, as well as experienced professionals who are looking for the new opportunities to develop and grow with us. Together, we make MK Group a healthy, positive and dynamic work environment.
Today, thanks to the strength of our team, the company has grown into a stable and sustainable system with know-how in two key business segments: agriculture and tourism. We have grown into a regional system others can learn from, a trustworthy partner and a support one can always rely on.
Our goal is to grow and develop together with our employees because our people are our most important resource.

About our candidates
As one of the fastest growing systems in the region, MK Group is always open to new ideas and people with whom we share our vision and who are ready to make smart decisions. We strive to recognize talents and enable them to reach their potential. We provide equal employment opportunities to all MK Group employees and applicants.
If you believe that MK Group is the place for you, if you are a team player, responsible, innovative, reliable and able to think like an entrepreneur, we believe that MK Group is the right place for you.


commitment to employees

Innovations and new technologies inevitably improve our day-to-day business. Likewise, by enhancing the existing professional competencies, but also by creating new ones, we help our employees not only to keep up with the modern business, but also to be in the forefront of positive changes.

As a company that has been looking towards the future ever since its foundation, we are doing our best to provide good conditions for quality work and development of professional and personal capacities through the organization of professional trainings and professional development. We follow our employees in their career development path through joint performance monitoring and creation of career development path. We organized the Talent Academy (MKademija) for all members of our team we’ve recognized as talents.


The Employee Reward Program aims to motivate and affirm colleagues who stand out for their contribution to business and who best represent the corporate culture and living corporate values of MK Group: excellence, empowered people, constant development and synergy. Meet the Best Manager and Ambassadors of MK Group values for 2021.


"Slobodan Gajić joined Sunoko 10 years ago, and at the end of 2020 he was appointed Sales Manager. By quickly adapting to his new role and responsibilities, Slobodan demonstrated exceptional leadership skills being essential for a manager. In his daily work, he shows integrity, reliability and determination. He is dedicated to work and the team, notices challenging situations and reacts to them in a timely manner, reviews existing solutions and constantly works to advance the process. In the previous year, the Sunoko Sales Team achieved record results, which speak volumes for Slobodan's work and managerial skills.." - Slobodan Gajić – Sales Manager, Sunoko – MK Sugar


"Sanja Savić is proof that youth and a responsible position go hand in hand when there is a focus on result, which is why she is an ideal representative of excellence as a MK Group value. She approaches her work with responsibility and dedication and is always ready for innovation as well as for cooperation with colleagues from the entire System. She is involved in all significant projects within the MK Farming Division - from setting the strategy and making strategic decisions to developing a winning culture within the team." - Sanja Savić – Financial Director, MK Agriculture – MK Farming


"Una Blažević uses every opportunity to fight for the interests of Sunoko member companies and puts employees first. Una is dedicated to developing and acquiring new knowledge. Her approach is constructive and argumentative when exchanging opinions and discussions, finding new ways to solve challenges and improving the process of developing people and teams. Her support for Sunoko's work is exceptional, both at the level of the Division and at the level of each of the factories." - Una Blažević – Human Resources Manager, Sunoko – MK Sugar


"Marija Filipović, as a Marketing Trade Manager, has been part of Carnex since 2020. Due to her proactive approach to work, creative ideas, expertise and experience he possesses, he is a great support to the sales and marketing teams. The real proof that Maria lives constant development as a MK Group value is that her colleagues recognize her as someone who is focused on the constant advancement of both her skills and knowledge as well as the individuals and teams she works with. Therefore, her contribution to the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire organization is of great importance." - Marija Filipović – Marketing Trade Manager, Carnex – MK Meat


"Gordana Marković joined Carnex in 2007 as Head of the Laboratory and is proud to be the second generation of her family working in this member company. Besides synchronized teamwork, work in the laboratory requires fast and precise results, which is why Gordana keeps pace with developments and innovations in her profession. She is patient and always ready to help colleagues, which makes her a true Representative of Synergy as a value of the MK Group System." - Gordana Marković - Head of the Laboratory, Carnex - MK Meat

Selection process

How We Recruit
If you want to become a member of MK Group's team, to grow and develop, our doors are open to you. For more information on job vacancies both at MK Group and its member companies please visit our web site and the official LinkedIn profile. Furthermore, we have partnerships with all major professional advertising portals and we participate in job fairs.
In the case we currently do not have any open positions you are interested in or you are interested in information related to employment, please contact us at hr.office@mkgroup.rs
The selection process varies from position to position and includes tests and interviews.

How to apply
Please fill out an application indicating the position you are applying for and HR Department will review it as soon as possible.
In case we have an open position relevant to your knowledge and work experience, we will contact you to schedule a test and/or an interview.
If we currently do not have any adequate open position, your CV will remain in our database and we will contact you as soon as we open a position corresponding to your education, knowledge and competencies.
We will be expecting you!

Free application

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