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About our employees
MK Group consists of 7000 people employed in 75 companies sharing a common vision. Our organization comprise of interconnected team of professionals achieving synergetic work effect through their experience, knowledge, youth and energy. A significant number of our employees have started their professional development in one of MK Group members. We are especially proud of those who have been with us from the beginning, but we are also constantly opening up new business opportunities for young, promising and creative people who want to start their careers in a company such as MK Group, as well as experienced professionals who are looking for the new opportunities to develop and grow with us. Together, we make MK Group a healthy, positive and dynamic work environment.
Today, thanks to the strength of our team, the company has grown into a stable and sustainable system with know-how in three key business segments: agriculture, tourism and banking. We have grown into a regional system others can learn from, a trustworthy partner and a support one can always rely on.
Our goal is to grow and develop together with our employees because our people are our most important resource.

About our candidates
As one of the fastest growing systems in the region, MK Group is always open to new ideas and people with whom we share our vision and who are ready to make smart decisions. We strive to recognize talents and enable them to reach their potential. We provide equal employment opportunities to all MK Group employees and applicants.
If you believe that MK Group is the place for you, if you are a team player, responsible, innovative, reliable and able to think like an entrepreneur, we believe that MK Group is the right place for you.

commitment to employees

Innovations and new technologies inevitably improve our day-to-day business. Likewise, by enhancing the existing professional competencies, but also by creating new ones, we help our employees not only to keep up with the modern business, but also to be in the forefront of positive changes.

As a company that has been looking towards the future ever since its foundation, we are doing our best to provide good conditions for quality work and development of professional and personal capacities through the organization of professional trainings and professional development. We follow our employees in their career development path through joint performance monitoring and creation of career development path. We organized the Talent Academy (MKademija) for all members of our team we’ve recognized as talents.

Employee reviews

A safe and healthy work environment and continuous investment in the development of each member of our team is the only way to continue our growth and development together, both as a system and as individuals. Read what our employees think about it.

„I have been in the MK Group system for 10 years, of which the first 5 in the position of CFO Trading Division, then I was 3 years MK Group Project Manager (with an orientation to IT projects) and since 2018 I am in the current position. The team I lead often changes depending on the project, and on one big two-year project, I had a total of 112 colleagues. I try to make all my associates understand and feel that I respect their contribution and commitment to work. I would encourage candidates to apply for a job in the system because there are countless opportunities for professional development.“ - Dragana Ivančević, Business Solutions Architect, MK IT Business Solutions.

„The work I do is dynamic, and I have the opportunity to learn something new every day. I control everything that was done during the previous day, prepare reports and submit them to the management. I spend most of the day communicating with colleagues in the field - I follow their plans and help resolve any issues. Given the size and different areas of business, MK Group system provides employees with many opportunities for advancement and improvement. It is a responsible employer, with strong management, where young people are given the opportunity to build and advance in their careers.“ - Branko Zubac, Manager of Mechantile Trade Programme, Agroglobe

„Sugar production technology is one of the most complex technological processes in the food industry and working in a sugar factory is a challenge for any technology engineer. Given the multidisciplinary nature of process and overhaul activities, the team of which I am part of is composed of engineers of different profiles, making such an environment excellent for upgrading the knowledge, and teamwork enables us to find the best solution for technical challenges and problems we encounter. In my opinion, team spirit is essential to assure efficient work of the Production Centre“. - Goran Dronjak, Shift Leader Technologist at the Pećinci Production Center, Sunoko

„After completed studies in the field of tourism, I returned to Kopaonik, where I have been living since birth, to find a job. Although I had little experience, MK Mountain Resort gave me a chance to learn and develop. The position of Sales and Marketing Associate implies constant communication with guests and the opportunity to contribute with our skills and commitment to creating the ideal vacation for all those who have placed their trust in us. The process of my development at MK Mountain Resort was largely based on learning from more experienced colleagues who have been in the hotel industry for over 30 years, so now I try to provide support, knowledge and motivation to younger colleagues.“ - Ivana Dišević, Sales and Marketing Associate, MK Mountain Resort

„The selection process I went through before joining MK Group was well structured and designed. It consisted of a cognitive test, a test of knowledge of working in Excel, a test of knowledge related to finance and an English language test. This first round was followed by 2 interviews, with colleagues from HR and the finance sector, and then with the Deputy CFO. The team in the finances of MK Group is excellent, and the desire to achieve the defined goals is most noticeable in the work. To achieve common goals, colleagues are prepared contribute their maximum, which can be noticed through the results achieved. It is my pleasure to be part of such team.” - Sofija Laušev, Junior Associate, Solvency Department, MK Group

“I have been with Carnex for 13 years and I consider Carnex as my second home. I have always tried to progress with the company, as well as to contribute to the growth of the company. As a technologist, I consider the development of a new product or process to be the most interesting part of the job. In these moments, knowledge, creativity, and in some cases resourcefulness and perseverance come to the front. The team of which I am a part, as well as the team I lead, are young, ambitious people, led by older colleagues who selflessly support them in their work. We always strive to maintain a positive atmosphere, in order to successfully overcome all the challenges we sometimes face.” - Vladimir Stojanoski, Director, Operations, Carnex

“I have been a part of the MK Group system since 2001, soon for a full twenty years. I changed several positions and gradually advanced to my current position. My work is very dynamic, because in addition to Animal Husbandry, I also manage operations of the Finishing Center, Logistics and Procurement, and since the beginning of the year I have been the Project Manager on the SAP Implementation project in PIK Bečej. MK Group system is stable, innovative and dynamic and provides a large number of opportunities to improve and upgrade knowledge.” - Zoran Vojnović, Director, Animal Husbandry, PIK Bečej

Selection process

How We Recruit
If you want to become a member of MK Group's team, to grow and develop, our doors are open to you. For more information on job vacancies both at MK Group and its member companies please visit our web site and the official LinkedIn profile. Furthermore, we have partnerships with all major professional advertising portals and we participate in job fairs.
In the case we currently do not have any open positions you are interested in or you are interested in information related to employment, please contact us at hr.office@mkgroup.rs
The selection process varies from position to position and includes tests and interviews.

How to apply
Please fill out an application indicating the position you are applying for and HR Department will review it as soon as possible.
In case we have an open position relevant to your knowledge and work experience, we will contact you to schedule a test and/or an interview.
If we currently do not have any adequate open position, your CV will remain in our database and we will contact you as soon as we open a position corresponding to your education, knowledge and competencies.
We will be expecting you!

Free application

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