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Why choose us

About our employees

MK Group consists of 4,000 employees who share a common vision. Our team is a synergy of experience, knowledge, youth and energy. A significant number of our employees started their professional development in one of the MK Group members. We are especially proud of those who have been with us since the beginning, but we also constantly open new business opportunities for young, promising and creative people who want to start their career in a company like MK Group, as well as for experienced professionals who want to grow with us. Together, we make MK Group a healthy, positive and dynamic work environment.

Thanks to the strength of our team, the Company has grown into a stable and sustainable system that today possesses know-how in three key business segments: agriculture and the food industry, tourism and the real estate sector, and renewable energy sources. We are recognized as a regional system, a system to learn from, a partner you trust and a support you count on.

Our goal is to grow and develop together with our employees, because our people are our most important resource.

MK Group, as one of the fastest growing systems in the region, is always open to new ideas and people with whom we share a vision and who readily make smart decisions. We strive to recognize talents and enable them to realize their potential. We treat all candidates, as well as our employees, equally. All interested candidates for a job at MK Group will have equal opportunities for employment. If you believe that MK Group is the place for you, you are a team player, you are responsible, innovative, reliable and you can think like an entrepreneur, we believe that MK Group is the right place for you.

About our Candidates

By improving existing professional competences, but also by creating new ones, we help our employees to be not only up to date with the modern way of doing business, but also at the forefront of positive changes..

As a company that has been looking towards the future since its foundation, we do everything to ensure good conditions for quality work and the development of professional and personal capacities through the organization of professional training and professional development. We are on the path of professional development with our employees, through joint monitoring of performance and creation of a development path and a diverse education program (MK Management Academy, Academy of Finance, Academy of Technologists, etc.)


commitment to employees

Innovations and new technologies inevitably improve our day-to-day business. Likewise, by enhancing the existing professional competencies, but also by creating new ones, we help our employees not only to keep up with the modern business, but also to be in the forefront of positive changes.

As a company that has been looking towards the future ever since its foundation, we are doing our best to provide good conditions for quality work and development of professional and personal capacities through the organization of professional trainings and professional development. We follow our employees in their career development path through joint performance monitoring and creation of career development path. We organized the Talent Academy (MKademija) for all members of our team we’ve recognized as talents.


The Employee Reward Program aims to motivate and affirm colleagues who stand out for their contribution to business and who best represent the corporate culture and are living corporate values of MK Group: excellence, empowered people, constant development and synergy. Meet the Best Manager, the Best Team and the Ambassadors of MK Group values for 2022.


„This Award is a great honor and pleasure for me because it comes from the employees in the year when I celebrate the tenth anniversary of working at MK Agrar. Also, this Award means a great responsibility and motivation for me to continue, together with my colleagues, to promote values that encourage trust, care for employees and teamwork. I believe that there is no individual success without a team of people, that's why I dedicate part of this Award to my colleagues and associates." - Milena Mrkajić, Chief Technologist for Plant Protection and Precision Agriculture, Agropanonija


„I have been with Sunoko for 4 years and I am currently in the position of Senior Associate in Controlling, in the Finance and Accounting Sector. I am proud that I got the chance to start my work experience at Sunoko, where I had the opportunity to collaborate with real experts and learn from them. In my daily work, I always try to give my best and I am glad that my hard work and commitment were recognized by my colleagues, and that I was chosen as an Ambassador of Integrity for the previous year. This recognition is an additional motivation for me to continue in the same direction and I will try to always be available to all colleagues so that together we can successfully and timely meet all challenges." - Živan Milovac, Senior Associate in Controlling, Sunoko


„It is a common misconception that only weakness requires empowerment and support. I am a witness that an adequate environment and guidance can support each of us to be more efficient, more motivated, more creative and more curious. I have the opportunity to work for a company that allows everyone to recognize and fulfill their potential, which is truly a valuable asset that is not listed in any job ad, that makes a difference and, in many ways, determines that you will go home fulfilled. I perceive this Award as a challenge to remain an empowered individual in the coming period, but also a member of a truly empowered and compact team." - Aleksandra Šibek, Manager for SAP and ABAP/BI Service, MK IT Business Solutions


„It is a great honor, privilege and pleasure to be chosen as an Ambassador of Continuous Development from the entire MK Group system. My job is very dynamic and involves the application of scientific knowledge and discoveries directly in the economy and production, through thorough analysis both in state-of-the-art laboratories and in the field. During the previous almost three years of work at Sunoko, together with my colleagues from the Research and Development Center, I tried to introduce innovations in production, but also in the very approach to solving problems through the constant development and improvement of each individual, and therefore of the entire team. That is why this recognition belongs to the Research and Development Center team as much as to me.” - Anja Milosavljević, Head of the Laboratory of the Sunoko Research and Development Center


„My name is Aleksandar Radović, but everyone at Carnex calls me Planner. I am currently employed as the Director of Production Planning for the Meat Industry. This year I had the honor of being chosen as the Ambassador of Synergy and it means a lot to me because it shows that the hard work and effort that everyone at Carnex puts in to achieve our common corporate goals is recognized. I believe that if there is synergy in the team, challenges, no matter how big, are easier to overcome. For years I have been trying to help everyone I work with and that everything is resolved in the best possible way. The proof that we cultivate synergy at Carnex is that, for the third year in a row, employees from our company, including myself, are acting as Ambassadors of Synergy. All our teams communicate on a daily basis and we constantly strive to improve that communication. In this way, we achieve that the joint result is greater than the simple sum of our individual results. That's how every day at work, no matter how challenging it is, goes easier, we joke and tease each other, we encourage each other and we step decisively towards the future." - Aleksandar Radović, Director of Production Planning, Carnex


The Commercial Team of our member company Carnex continued to confirm and improve its leadership position in the market of meat and meat products through the maximum commitment of all its members. The goal of the Commercial Team is to improve the availability of our products at the point of sale through adequate assortment management, positioning and a competitive promo mix, all in order to satisfy the needs of both our loyal consumers and all new ones to whom the rich and high-quality Carnex assortment will be more available. The Team's daily work also involves nurturing all MK Group values, positive energy and commitment. In the coming period, the Carnex Commercial Team will focus on each product to be in the right place and at the right time. During 2022, the Commercial Team made a special effort to continuously present the mission and vision of MK Group both in cooperation with external customers and through internal communications. Successfully implemented campaigns and all activities at the point of sale were achieved by the synergy of all Sectors that operate within the Carnex Company, which comprise the Finance Team, the Logistics Team, the Production Team, the Planning Team, the Procurement Team and numerous other relevant sectors. The strength of the MK Group brand will continue to be the wind of the Commercial Team to be even more successful in the coming period. – Carnexa Commercial Team

Selection process

How We Recruit
If you want to become a member of MK Group's team, to grow and develop, our doors are open to you. For more information on job vacancies both at MK Group and its member companies please visit our web site and the official LinkedIn profile. Furthermore, we have partnerships with all major professional advertising portals and we participate in job fairs.
In the case we currently do not have any open positions you are interested in or you are interested in information related to employment, please contact us at hr.office@mkgroup.rs
The selection process varies from position to position and includes tests and interviews.

How to apply
Please fill out an application indicating the position you are applying for and HR Department will review it as soon as possible.
In case we have an open position relevant to your knowledge and work experience, we will contact you to schedule a test and/or an interview.
If we currently do not have any adequate open position, your CV will remain in our database and we will contact you as soon as we open a position corresponding to your education, knowledge and competencies.
We will be expecting you!

Free application

I agree and confirm that, in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection, I am aware of the manner of collecting personal data and I agree with the processing and storing of the same for the stated purpose and that the given consent is the basis for MK Group’s processing of personal data in the process of selection and recruitment of candidates for employment.