Aleksandar Bijelić, Chief Digital Officer MK GROUP, Magazin Controlling

Aleksandar Bijelić, Chief Digital Officer MK GROUP, Magazin Controlling


The digital transformation has a large impact on controlling and it is reflected in the change of technological processes, people and, ultimately, the technology itself. The purpose of digital transformation in controlling and financial sectors is to obtain more precise data and to make it easier and faster to convert them into data used for decision-making.

MK Group is a leader in the region. The company employs over 7,000 employees in its 75 companies and invests in the development of modern technologies and business improvement. As leaders, we make a positive impact not only on communities in which we operate, but also on our employees.

Each company within MK Group has its own controlling. As a reminder, I would like to emphasize that MK Group operates in 3 key business sectors: agriculture, banking, and tourism.

In addition to companies that have their own controlling sectors, there is also an umbrella controlling sector operating at the Group’s level. It is organized as a knowledge center helping its members apply the latest technologies.

With the process of digitization, we constantly work on new technologies. We are able to consolidate information from all our member companies, not only those operating in Serbia, but also our companies from Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro. In this way, we are in a position to get consolidated reports at the Group’s level as quickly as possible, so to say – with a single click.

In the future, the basis for making business decisions will make even faster obtaining of reliable and precise information. Consequently, we pay a great attention to the education of our controllers.