Open-minded to a World of Changes

Open-minded to a World of Changes


Artificial intelligence has evolved so much that the question is no longer what it can do, but what it should do. This issue was the main topic of the panel within the Data Science Conference, to how artificial intelligence is currently in positioned in companies, what are the biggest challenges in its implementation, as well as how to overcome them.

When it comes to MK Group, we pay great attention to artificial intelligence, especially its application in agriculture. Thanks to its incredible value, we can both predict and create conditions that can make business easier. In agriculture, for example, we see the possibility of predicting the weather forecast, because it is very important to us, from planting to transport and logistics. There has been a lot of talk lately about autopilots, and the company PIK Bečej, which operates under the auspices of MK Group, already uses tractors and combines that are 90% autonomous. With the help of GPS signals and artificial intelligence, the best and most efficient route of agricultural operations is found, and the driver is always there for coordination.

We see the biggest challenge so far in the lack of knowledge and experience in working with artificial intelligence, both internally and externally, given that this is a relatively new field for our partners as well. We are certainly working together to improve this field of work, so we regularly organize workshops with partners to try out new opportunities, and their feedback is a support for our initiatives. MK Group has been focused on the development of new technologies for years, and during this year we all had the opportunity to see that that was a priority. Accordingly, we have launched our Digital Academy and within it a nine-month Digital Agronomist Program for the 12 most talented of our workers who are to become our ambassadors of change. They will have the opportunity to improve agronomic knowledge and managerial skills, but also to master the use of programs necessary for the work of a digital agronomist in practical workshops, such as satellite images, drones, geospatial programs, one concept of digitalization of agriculture.

For the successful application of artificial intelligence, after gaining the appropriate knowledge and experience, it is very important to change the way of thinking. Managers should always be ready to learn and experiment, because the processes will be automated, and we hope that people will have more time to deal with value-added businesses. We also believe that employees should be more open to changes in work and cooperation with representatives of other sectors and disciplines, because working together can generate more creative solutions.


In any case, for us people are the most important and the processes that they will change and adapt to the new reality, in order to become and remain more efficient. For that, we need creative and critical thinking, a willingness to be analytical and a willingness to adapt to the many changes in the world.

If we have learned anything so far, it is that the pace of change in the future will never be as slow as it is today. We need to be brave, open-minded, curious and pragmatic in order to choose the right projects. So, with a clear vision and smart decisions to changes that will improve our business!


Author: Aleksandar Bijelić, Director of the Sector for Digitalization and Business Development of MK Group