MK Agri

MK Group's Agricultural Division is a business area from which sprang the whole business system. One of the biggest proofs of business success of this Division is the fact that MK Group is responsible for a quarter of total agricultural exports of Serbia, thus introducing one of the largest agricultural producers in the region.

MK Group’s total annual exports is up to € 300,000,000 or about 1,500,000 t of commodities, while the total annual commodity turnover is 2,900,000 t.
Our total annual production of finished goods is 1,600,000 t of goods, and we transport 7,000,000 t of goods annually.

MK Agri Division operates within its five subdivisions: MK Farming, MK Trading, MK Meat, MK Sugar and MK Soya.

Companies Agrounija, PIK Bečej, MK Agriculture, MK Agropanonija i Carnex Agrar.


Important structural elements in agriculture creating the added value of our business, in addition to production, storage and industrial processing, are certainly trade and logistics.


When it comes to MK Meat segment of MK Group's business, it's about Carnex, a company with a 60 year long tradition of more than 60 years.


Sunoko is a regional leader in sugar production and one of the most efficient sugar factories in Europe. Compared to Europe's largest sugar producers, Sunoko has the largest EBITDA margin, which indicates an optimized production process and lower costs than competitors.


Sojaprotein is the largest soybean processing plant in the region and one of the most important NON-GMO soybean processors in Europe. Since its founding in 1977 it has been processing exclusively genetically unmodified soybeans, grown locally with strict control of origin and quality, thanks to which it exports its products to over 50 countries around the world.


Development plans

MK Agri, as a vertically organized diversified system, builds a solid base of business stability not only of the Division, but of the whole system. Further Development plans are realized through achieving sustainable business through greater efficiency and process optimization, increasing sales performance. We want to preserve the competitiveness and sustainability of the business of this extremely important sector, not only for our country but for this part of Europe.