MK Energy

Within this Division, we operate in the field of wind and biomass electricity generation.
The companies operating in these two segments are MK Fintel Wind and Biogas.

MK Fintel Wind

A joint venture of the Italian Fintel Energia Spa and MK Group has been one of the leading companies in wind generation in the Balkans for a decade and today it is the most important independent electricity producer in the Serbian energy market.

MK Fintel Wind has built and commissioned the first two wind farms in Serbia, as well as the third largest Košava wind farm. The company is about to complete the commissioning of the second phase of the project Košava wind farm. This company is engaged in the development, construction and management of a high quality portfolio of wind farms consisting of 13 wind farms in the north and north-east of Serbia with a total planned installed capacity of almost 1 GW. 500,000 households will be supplied with wind power. Division investments so far amount to € 150,000,000 and the total planned level of investment in all wind farms is € 1,000,000,000.

MK Biogas

MK Group is about to enter the field of electricity production from biomass with its member company MK Biogas. Currently, the works are in the design phase. According to the plan, the biomass power plant will be put into operation at the beginning of 2020, while generating electric power is expected to start in September of the same year.

Biogas is the only renewable energy source suitable for the production of electricity, heat, gas and liquid fuels. It is obtained from renewable raw materials such as corn, cereals, grasses, organic food waste and fertilizers.
By producing electricity from biomass, we will achieve efficient and sustainable business operations, and at the same time contribute to environmental protection, which is one of the core values ​​and goals of our business.

Development plans

MK Group's plans in this area focus on the commitment to long-term sustainable development of Serbia and the creation of a healthier environment through the creation of clean and smart energy solutions.