MK Energy

Within this Division, we operate in the field of wind and biomass electricity generation.
Kompanija koja posluje u ovom segment je MK Fintel Wind.

MK Fintel Wind

MK Fintel Wind is a pioneer in the production of wind electricity and has been one of the most important producers of renewable energy sources in the Balkans for a whole decade. So far, we have built three wind farms in Vojvodina: Kula, La Piccolina and Košava, and the construction of three more wind parks is underway: Krivača, Vetropark Kula II and Košava Phase II. Our annual production amounts to 210GW of green energy, which is equivalent to supplying 50,000 households. The total planned investment level in all wind farms is 1,000,000,000 EUR.

Wind Park Krivača
We are investing 165 million euros, and the completion of the works is planned for the end of 2023. It is the first wind farm to be built in Eastern Serbia, and it will cover 56 km² in the municipalities of Golubac, Kučevo and Veliko Gradište. With a capacity of 105 MW and 22 wind turbines, it will produce 310 GWh of green energy annually.

Wind Park Kula 2
The opening of this wind park is planned for 2024. Wind Farm Kula 2 is an investment worth 12 million euros, with a capacity of 10 MW and an annual electricity production of 30 GWh.

Košava Phase II
80 million euros will be invested in the construction of the Wind Park Košava Phase 2, the capacity of which is 68MW, and the annual electricity production of 165 GWh will be started at the end of 2024.

Agrosolar Kula
Agrosolar Kula is the first agrosolar project in the Balkans and the largest in Europe. It represents an ideal combination of green energy and sustainable agriculture and will cover 770 hectares in the Municipality of Kula. The value of this investment is more than 350 million euros. The solar power plant will have a capacity of 660 megawatts, and the planned annual production of green energy is around 832 GWh, which meets the needs of nearly 200,000 households.

Development plans

MK Group's plans in this area focus on the commitment to long-term sustainable development of Serbia and the creation of a healthier environment through the creation of clean and smart energy solutions.