MK Farming

Companies Agrounija, PIK Bečej, MK Agriculture, MK Agropanonija and Carnex Agrar.

The main activities we operate within the Farming Division are:
• Crop production
• Fruit production and fruit storage (apple storage)
• Vegetable production and processing
• Cattle breeding
• Viticulture and wine production

Crop production
The surface of the land we cultivate is 15,000 ha.
In terms of crop production, 45% of the total area of land we cultivate owned by MK Group is under irrigation systems, which is well above the average in Serbia (2%). Almost 70% of the total land area is first and second class land. By applying the double sowing system, on the same plots, during different growing periods during the year, we sow and reap different crops, thus achieving higher production and maximum revenue at optimal costs.

All members of MK Farming Division cultivate more than 15 different types of crops of which the strategic ones are the most important - sugar beets, corn, wheat. The total production of all crop crops annually ranges from 300,000 to 350,000 t.

Production and storage of fruits
The apple orchard spread over 84 ha, has the latest equipment - drip irrigation system, anti-hail net and anti-freeze system. In the period from 2014 to the present, we’ve invested more than € 15,000,000 in apple seedlings, equipment and cold storage.
The production of apples from the orchards gets added value in terms of technological and logistical performance, through storage in the high-end cold storage with a total storage capacity of 15,300 t. In this way, we have the ability to store and keep apples completely fresh for up to 10 months after harvest with a 30% savings in electricity consumption.

Production and processing of vegetables
We grow vegetables (green beans, peas, sweet corn, potatoes) on 1.497 ha of arable land, which we further cultivate and freeze at Flora Vegetable Processing Factory - PIK Bečej, a company with a 60 years long tradition. Our annual sales is 16,000 t of frozen and canned vegetables under Flora brand, which we distribute not only in Serbia and the region, but worldwide. PIK Bečej, or Flora, is constantly expanding its portfolio of vegetables grown, stored and processed, which is why € 2,300,000 have been invested in 9,500 t of the storage capacity of this factory's high-end cold storage.

Cattle breeding
In the production structure of agriculture, livestock production plays a very important role because without stable and developed livestock production (within which cattle breeding accounts for more than 40%) there is no developed agriculture.
When it comes to cattle breeding, we have 1.375 Holstein Friesian dairy cows with high milk yield. The annual milk production per cow is 7.875 liters, and of the total 12,000,000 t liters of milk per year, 70% is extra-class milk.

Number of employees: 1000

Finantial indicators 2021 in 000 EUR
Income € 54.000
EBITDA € 13.000

Total Division-level investments € 132,000,000
We’ve made significant investments in irrigation system and modernization of equipment and machinery.
Only in the last five years, we’ve invested € 82,000,000.

Viticulture and wine production
In 2012, we became richer for another member of Erdevik winery, which also made MK Group into the field of viticulture and wine production. The winery is equipped with the highest quality processing equipment and facilities for grape processing and wine production. Currently, it has 16.5 ha of its own vineyards and 30 ha of land in partnership with subcontractors. The storage capacity in this area is 3,000,000 liters of wine.

Development plans

We see our development within the Farming Division in sustainable business through greater efficiency and speed of operations and introduction of modern technologies through precision agriculture, use of fleet management platform, further optimization of sowing structure, commissioning of new apple cooler stages, further strengthening of synergy among Divisions.