MK Finance

This Division within MK Group operates in the following areas:
Banking and Brokerage services

Division-level assets € 4,100,000,000

Division-level capital € 710,000,000

Number of branches at the division level 71

AIK Bank, Serbia

AIK Bank is a stable, reliable and strong domestic financial institution providing high level of banking services. The Bank strives to be a key player in the financial market in terms of introducing new technologies into the banking market, innovative products and services, with a constant focus on customer requirements and needs. Considering the achieved results, AIK Bank is positioned as one of the leaders in the domestic banking market.
With a 100% acquisition of Gorenjska Banka, AIK Bank is the first domestic bank to make this type of step into the EU, which is important for the comprehensive growth and development of the domestic economy.

Number of employees 585

Balance sheet total €

Capital € 500,000,000

Client’s deposits € 1,500,000,000

Capital adequacy ratio 22.3%

Profit before tax € 90,000,000

Placements € 1,100,000.000

Gorenjska Bank, Slovenia

In 2019, we’ve performed an acquisition of 100% of Gorenjska Bank which is considered to be one of the top 10 banks in Slovenia. In 2020, the Bank recorded significant growth in results, which was also confirmed through a market share of 4.7% in 2020.

Number of employees 410

Balance sheet total € 2.100.0000.000

Capital € 210.000.000

Client deposits € 1.900.000.000

Capital adequacy ratio 16,5%

Profit before tax € 24.000.000

Placements € 1,100,000

M&V Investments

Founded in 1995, M&V Investments is a brokerage and stock exchange company.

Development plans

Development plans at MK Finance Division level are focused on achieving sustainable growth, using business opportunities for both organic growth and potential acquisitions in the domestic and foreign markets, stable and sustainable model of efficient business, strengthening the position through the process of further improving the offer in the field of digital services and enhanced activities provided through digital channels.

Strengthening our regional presence and creating new opportunities to offer quality products and services to clients and on the territory of the European Union, we continue to build the position of a recognized and strong banking institution in this part of Europe.