MK Meat

When talking about the MK Meat business segment of the MK Group, we are talking about Carnex, a company with a tradition of more than 60 years.

Carnex is a leader in the meat industry that has been operating in Serbia for 65 years and is one of the largest producers of meat and meat products in the region, with a complete production system from "farm to table". The company is the largest pig producer in our country.

As a socially responsible company, it cooperates with the local community, invests in environmental protection, but also in large food donations intended for the most vulnerable residents.

This member of the MK Group system operates in the following business segments:
Production of fodder
Pig farms
Meat production

Production of Fodder

The annual production capacity is 100,000t.

Pig Farms

The annual production capacity is 150,000 fattening pigs on 6 pig farms. Carnex, together with related parties from the MK Group system, provides 80% of its own needs for meat production with its capacities. On farms, selection and breeding are strictly taken care of, which ensures the high quality of pork meat.

Financial indicators 2021 in 000 EUR
Income € 64.500
EBITDA € 8.000

Total Division-level investments € 85.000.000

Meat Production

The annual production capacity is 45,000 t of meat and meat products, and the current annual production is 20,000 t.
Within this industry, we have 150 different meat products in 5 categories:
Sterilized cans - pâtés
Semi-permanent sausages - hot dogs, delicatessen, salami, ham
Ready meals
Fermented products - smoked products, bacon
Fresh meat - pork halves

Carnex has numerous certified standards in the field of food safety: HACCP, IFS Food, BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

Development plans

Our further plans for the future are aimed at continuous optimization of the production process, increasing sales performance and optimizing the business of pig farms.