MK Soya

Sojaprotein is the largest soybean processing plant in the region and one of the most important NON-GMO soybean processors in Europe. Since its founding in 1977 it has been processing exclusively genetically unmodified soybeans, grown locally with strict control of origin and quality, thanks to which it exports its products to over 50 countries around the world.

Soybean processing and production of soybean products for:
• Food industry - meat, confectionery, bakery and pasta industry, production of vegetable oils and fats, vegan diet
• Pharmaceutical industry and dietary preparations
• Animal nutrition

Product categories:
• Flour and semolina
• Functional mixtures
• Soy flour based textures
• Soy protein concentrates
• Textures based on soy protein concentrates
• Oil products

Number of employees: 440

Finantial indicators 2020 in 000 EUR
Income € 140.000
EBITDA € 22.000

Total investments at the Division level 150.000.000 eur in the last 5 years.