MK Sugar

Sunoko is a regional leader in sugar production and one of the most efficient sugar factories in Europe. Compared to Europe's largest sugar producers, Sunoko has the largest EBITDA margin, which indicates an optimized production process and lower costs than competitors.
At the level of this Division, we process up to 2,700,000 t of sugar beet, which is sown on more than 30,000 ha of arable land, and annually produce about 400,000 t of sugar, 135,000 t of molasses and 120,000 t of noodles. The total sugar storage capacity, including the sugar floor storage, is 320,000 t.

Within the Sugar Division there are production centers in Vrbas, Kovačica and Pećinci:

Sunoko, Vrbas
Founded in 1912, the company has a daily capacity of 7,500 t of sugar beet processing.

Sunoko, Kovačica
Founded in 1975, the company has a daily capacity of 7,000 t of sugar beet processing.

Sunoko, Pećinci
Founded in 1976, the company has a daily capacity of 8,000 t of sugar beet processing.

The production program of this Division includes fine crystal sugar, natural brown sugar, powdered sugar and other products, by-products of sugar beet: beet pulp and molasses.
Istraživačko-razvojni centar
• Prvi privatni centar ove vrste u oblasti agrara u Srbiji
• Investicija: 1.500.000 eur
• Najsavremenija laboratorijska oprema
• Biogasno postojenje za proizvodnju električne energije
• Investicija: 10.000.000 €
• Proizvodnja električne energije od 2.4 MW/sat

Number of employees: 500 permanently employes and 300 seasonal workers

Financial indicators 2021 in 000 EUR
Income € 119.00
EBITDA 28.000

Total Division-level investment € 240.000.000

Maximum annual storage capacity in tons
Vrbas Kovačica Pećinci
Sugar-Silos 80.000 80.000 80.000
Sugar-warehouse/floor storage 2.000 2.000 2.000
Molasses 33.000 12.000 49.500
Pelleted dry beet pulp 11.000 12.000 12.000

Development plans

The company Sunoko, in line with the strategic development and digitization process of MK Group systems, is continuously working on efficiency in all segments of sugar production and cost reduction. The aim is to preserve the competitiveness and sustainability of the business of this very important sector for our country and region. In the long term, in order to further build the profitability of this area of business of the MK Group system, it is necessary to apply the latest knowledge and experience as well as respect the principles of good agricultural practice.