MK Sugar

Sunoko is the regional leader in sugar production and one of the most efficient sugar factories in Europe. Compared to the largest European sugar producers, Sunoko has the highest EBITDA margin, which indicates an optimized production process and efficiency that is at the highest level.
At the level of this Division, we process an average of 1.8 million tons of sugar beet, which is sown on nearly 30,000 ha of arable land, and we produce about 300,000 tons of sugar annually..
The production centers operating within the Sugar Division are:

Sunoko, Vrbas
The Company, founded in 1912, has a daily sugar beet processing capacity of 7,500 tons.

Sunoko, Kovačica
The Company, founded in 1975, has a daily sugar beet processing capacity of 7,000 tons.

Sunoko, Pećinci
The Company, founded in 1976, has a daily sugar beet processing capacity of 8,000 tons.

The production program of this Division includes fine crystal sugar, natural brown sugar and powdered sugar. In addition, there are other sugar beet by-products: beet pulp and molasses.

Research and Development Center
• The first private center of its kind in the field of agriculture in Serbia
• Investment: EUR 1,500,000
• State-of-the-art laboratory equipment

• Biogas plant for electricity production
• Investment: €10,000,000
• Electricity production of 2.4 MW/hour

Alcohol Factory
In Kovačica, we started with the realization of a new investment of 33 million euros. The Alcohol Factory will produce a completely new product in our Company's range. It is planned that the production of alcohol, which will be obtained from corn, will begin by the end of 2024. The production capacity will be around 30 million liters per year, and we will produce alcohol in 3 forms: food, pharmaceutical and bioethanol.

Financial indicators 2021 in 000 EUR
Income € 119.00
EBITDA 28.000

Total Division-level investment € 240.000.000

Maksimalni godišnji skladišni kapacitet u tonama
Vrbas Kovačica Pećinci
Šećer-Silosi 80.000 80.000 80.000
Šećer-Silosi/podna skladišta 2.000 2.000 2.000
Melasa 33.000 12.000 49.500
Pelatirani suvi rezanac 11.000 12.000 12.000

Development plans

Kompanija Sunoko, u skladu sa strateškim razvojem i procesom digitalizacije MK Group sistema, kontinuirano radi na efikasnosti u svim segmentima proizvodnje šećera i smanjenju troškova. Cilj je da sačuvamo konkurentnost i održivost poslovanja ovog, za našu zemlju i region, izuzetno važnog sektora.