MK Trading

Important structural elements in agriculture creating the added value of our business, in addition to production, storage and industrial processing, are certainly trade and logistics.

The company Agroglobe, heading the MK Trading Division, is the largest exporter of cereals and agricultural products in Serbia. Founded in 2004, it operates with its subsidiaries Granexport, Žito Bačka, Banat seme and Luka Bačka Palanka

The main activities within the Trading Division are:

• Provision of raw materials for agricultural production

• Provision of storage capacity

• Milling
Trade in the following products:
• Cereals
• Oilseeds
• Sugar beet
• Fertilizers and pesticides
• Seeds
• Import and distribution of New Holland agricultural machinery and spare parts

Our company is a reliable partner for 15,000 agricultural producers. According to predetermined and agreed parities, and in order to finance agricultural production, we provide our partners with seeds and fertilizer of all renowned world producers.

Provision of storage facilities
The total storage capacity of our silo is 650,000 t, and we have additional storage capacity that covers 100,000 m2. Our strategy of over 30 buying sites is one of the most developed in the region and strategically placed throughout Vojvodina.

The production so far has been up to 200,000 t of wheat and corn flour. The goal is to focus in the future on high-margin products in the mill industry - specialty flours and smaller packages.

Together with all related parties now operating within Agroglobe, we export more than 600,000 t of cereals and feed components annually. In addition to its leading position in the export of raw materials, the members of this division are at the very top of the export of finished products. On an annual basis, we realize a turnover of 1,000,000 t of goods.

Import and distribution of New Holland agricultural machinery and spare parts
As an exclusive distributor and repairer, we sell machinery worth € 10,000,000 annually.

Number of employees 600

Financial indicators 2020 in 000 EUR
Income € 308,000
EBITDA € 11.000

Total Division-level investments € 60.000.000

Silos and storage capacities in tons
Topola (Žitko) 65.000
Vrbas (Žitar) 54.000
Kula 50.410
Pančevo 49.380
Pećinci 30.100
Inđija 27.960
Sečanj 26.000
Sremska Mitrovica 25.800
Ostali 321.350
Total 650.000

Development plans

We are a stable and reliable partner of all our business associates and we are constantly making plans for the future.
Within the trading division, our development plans are focused on investing in the production of our brand of sunflower and corn seed hybrids, trading with developing countries, investing in new buying places.