Hotel Grand Kopaonik is Getting an Exclusive Residential Block

Hotel Grand Kopaonik is Getting an Exclusive Residential Block


When last year the famous Grand Hotel Kopaonik glared in a completely new look before the very beginning of the winter season, thanks to an investment worth more than 30 million euros, the owner company MK Group already announced a new, extremely valuable venture – Grand Residences. It is a new, luxuriously equipped wing with 40 premium furnished apartments, its own reception, spa center, garage, ski room at the very exit to the ski slopes, a la carte restaurant and superior service available to residents.

With their exclusive location and amenities, Grand Residences live up to their name through contemporary and refined interior design and an overall impression of unassailable elegance, style and comfort. The exterior is perfectly integrated into the ambient and the traditional “Kopaonik Style of Construction”, while the interior is dominated by stone, wood and details inspired by the powerful nature of Kopaonik. 11 types of apartments of different square footage, from the cozy ones of 31m2 to the spacious ones of 250m2, are at disposal of residents. Finding inspiration in mountain huts, the exclusive residences are characterized by warm and natural tones and all-natural details and finishing touches, unimaginable without solid wood and stone wall and floor panels. Particular attention was paid to details in the interior, such as artistic pieces of furniture that exude a note of special style and radiate attractive comfort.

In addition to the comfort of luxury apartments that are made available to customers, exceptional benefits await apartment owners, both in the residential wing itself and in the Grand Kopaonik hotel, such as first-class concierge service, luxurious spa treatments, indoor pool and fitness, top gastronomic experience, sports facilities, quality animation and childcare. As part of an extraordinary premium experience, the Hotel’s experienced team will arrange private dinners, personalized outdoor activities, ski lessons, private VIP shopping, a baby comfort kit, personalized spa products and treatments, suite care and more to meet the needs of refined atmosphere and luxurious experience of Kopaonik.

“The regional market expects MK Group to provide innovations and the highest quality in the areas in which it operates. Grand Residences is another indicator of how we have once again raised the bar with the level of service and quality of a tourist real estate project. The value of the investment in Grand Residences is over 15 million euros and I am sure that it will contribute to the additional development of the Kopaonik destination, but also to the development of this business segment”, said Aleksandra Stojanović, Director of Corporate Affairs of MK Group.

Continuously nurturing the tradition of an exceptional hotelier, Grand Kopaonik has been a synonym for exclusivity and top quality for four decades. Dedicated to constant improvement in the domain of luxury hotel service, it continues to push the boundaries of domestic and regional mountain tourism, this time in the spirit of personalized service, top-quality facilities and premium services specially designed for the needs of the new residential wing and its occupiers.