Kindergartens in Pećinci and Kovačica Received 50,000 Euros Thanks to a Donation from MK Group and AIK Bank

Kindergartens in Pećinci and Kovačica Received 50,000 Euros Thanks to a Donation from MK Group and AIK Bank


Preschool institutions “Vlada Obradović Kameni” in Pećinci and “Lasta” in Kovačica solemnly marked the completion of renovations, thanks to which children in these municipalities will stay in better and improved conditions. The works were completed during the summer, thanks to donations from MK Group and AIK Bank, which, as part of their socially responsible program “Family Support”, donated 25,000 euros each to kindergartens in these municipalities.

The donation to the kindergarten “Kamenčić” in Pećinci included the complete renovation of the bathroom and installations in this institution, while the investment in the kindergarten “Kolibri” in Kovačica enabled the renovation of the building’s facade, dilapidated terraces, fence of the yard and complete interior painting of the premises.

Ana Bakoš, the Director of the kindergarten “Kolibri” in Kovačica, thanked the donors who made it possible for the children to spend their most precious childhood years in a beautiful and renovated space, which will provide them with inspiration for new research steps. Anita Volčevski, Director of the kindergarten “Vlada Obradović Kameni” in Pećinci, pointed out that thanks to this donation, the children will be provided with better health and hygiene conditions.

„Among the eight kindergartens in Serbia, which received donations worth 350,000 euros, there are also kindergartens in all three municipalities where Sunoko operates. This week we visited the completed renovated kindergartens in Pećinci and Kovačica, while the construction works in Vrbas will be completed soon. There are a large number of children of our employees in these kindergartens, and thanks to the invested financial resources, they will have the conditions for a better upbringing”, said Slobodan Košutić, Director General of the Sunoko Company.

For the AIK Bank, Maja Spasić, Director of the Marketing and Communications Sector, addressed the audience. “AIK Bank and MK Group are strategically committed to social responsibility, and this donation is just one more step we are taking to provide children with the best conditions for a carefree upbringing,” Spasić said.

The opening of the reconstructed kindergartens was attended by Siniša Đokić, President of the Municipality of Pećinci, and Jaroslav Hrubik, President of the Municipality of Kovačica, who did not hide their satisfaction with the completed works. Anamarija Viček, State Secretary on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, said that this Ministry has been advocating for the improvement of preschool education for years, stressing the importance of the support provided by these two companies.

In the following period, the completion of works in other kindergartens in Serbia that received donations will be marked, and by the end of the year, a total of more than 20 kindergartens in the entire Adria region will be reconstructed, for which MK Group and AIK Bank allocated 750,000 euros.