MK group allocates 9 million dinars for all newborns of its employees

MK group allocates 9 million dinars for all newborns of its employees


Novi Sad, 16 December 2019 – As part of the traditional Family Support campaign, MK Group has decided to present financial rewards for all employees who became parents this year. The company has allocated 9 million dinars for 165 families with a newborn in 2019. Over the past three years, MK Group has allocated the amount of 26 million dinars for more than 400 families and more than 860 children, which clearly highlights the importance of fostering family values.

The cash checks were handed over to employees at Sheraton Hotel by Aleksandar Kostić, Vice President of the company. The employees from the regional countries where MK Group operates were also present at the reception and a special program was organized for the youngest members of MK Group emloyees’ families.

“For a company to become richer for 165 newborn babies in one year in not a matter of minor significance. I am very proud of this fact, but also of the fact that as many as 32 families fall into the category of families with three or more children”, said Aleksandar Kostić, Vice President of MK Group, adding “as a responsible employer, we constantly strive to care for our employees, but also to the birth rate of our country. We are dedicated to creating a work environment where our employees can fulfill both their professional ambitions and their personal goals.”

Jovana Doder, an employee of MK Group, stressed out the importance of such action to parents:

“One of the most beautiful roles in life is the role of being a parent. I’m glad to be part of the system that affirms family values and shows in such a way that it cares about its employees. The gathering at Sheraton Hotel on this occasion is a great initiative, and apart from colleagues from Serbia, employees from companies within MK Group system from Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro also joined the event.”

The President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Marko Cadež emphasized that the value of the socially responsible project Support to the Family has a much greater effect than just providing significant financial funds by MK Group as an incentive for employees to accomplish parenthood and to increase the number of children in their families.

“The greatest value of this MK Group action lies in building a healthy, family-friendly work environment that allows employees to have a heathy work-life balance, to be good parents, dedicated to their children, and at the same time to be satisfied, motivated, loyal and hardworking employees contributing to the company’s success and efficient, productive and profitable business. It applies to Serbia as well as to Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro, where MK Group, as a leader in the region, has its own companies,” said Cadež.

MK Group’s activities in support of parenting were also recognized by Slavica Đukić Dejanović, Minister without portfolio in charge of demography and population policy. She stressed that it was not surprising that MK Group was one of the winners of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce’s Friend of the Family Award in the category of large companies.

As one of the strongest regional groups operating in the fields of agriculture, finance and tourism, MK Group strives to provide adequate contribution and support to employees within the system in order to help raise birth rate and to encourage other companies to recognize this important topic for our society and develop their support systems.