MK Group is the largest exporter of domestic grains

MK Group is the largest exporter of domestic grains


During the last year, Serbia exported 3.2 million tons of grains out of which MK Group was responsible for nearly 25 percent.

Unlike other branches during 2016, Serbian agriculture has achieved good results in the foreign trade exchange. We’ve sold agricultural and food products to Europe and the world for 16.20 percent more than during the previous year – we’ve harvested 3.1 million tons of wheat, 8 million tons of corn, 650,000 t of sunflower, 630,000 t of soybean.

Our company MK Group and its companies MK Commerce and Agroglobe undoubtedly took the leading position in export of all categories of grains. Total export of all grains in Serbia for 2016 amounted to 3,213,627 t, out of which almost 25% belongs to export of companies within our system.

“Achieved exports is the result of a great effort but also it reflects thirty years of the company’s experience and management in the field of agriculture. We are transferring our rich experience to cultivation of more than 40,000 ha of land in Serbia and Ukraine. Please note that the company MK Group has a reliable and world-renowned partners such as the company Cargill, ADM, Nidera and others. I would also like to point out that the company has storage capacities of 500,000 t, located on almost every 14 km throughout Vojvodina. We should add here the capacities of silos for sugar which amounts to 300,000 tons. I wish to remind you that the company MK Group has a vertically integrated production process and (that is not a secret of our success anymore) the title of the largest agricultural company in Serbia and beyond” said Nemanja Vuković, one of the Executive Directors of the company MK Commerce and a member of the Board of Directors for Agriculture and Trade of the company MK Group.