MK Group’s Traditional Gifts for the Children of NURDOR

MK Group’s Traditional Gifts for the Children of NURDOR


MK Group organized another traditional distribution of New Year’s gifts for children from the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer – NURDOR, at the Parents’ House in Novi Sad. On that occasion, gift vouchers worth 320,000 dinars were handed over.

Slobodan Košutić, General Manager of Sunoko, which operates within the MK Group, symbolically presented the gifts. “MK Group has been supporting NURDOR and the Parents’ House in Novi Sad for more than a decade, where our children fight their most important life battles. We try to brighten up the days they spend here with various activities and give them full support to come out as winners. Although the holidays are behind us, the time of giving gifts does not end and we hope that the gifts will make our little ones happy”, said Slobodan Košutić.

Joland Korora, President of the Management Board of NURDOR, thanked the company MK Group and the Kostić family on that occasion. “The donation of Mr. Miodrag Kostić’s family home in 2013 to our association NURDOR is just the beginning of a wonderful collaboration that has grown into a great friendship over time. We are grateful for the support that MK Group has been providing us for 11 years in various ways, including donations. We are extremely proud of the trust shown and we shrine this house as sacred”, said Korora.

Miodrag Kostić, President and Founder of MK Group, as the Kostić Family Endowment, gave his family house worth 1.5 million euros for the use of the Institute for Health Care, Children and Youth of Vojvodina in Novi Sad, in cooperation with NURDOR. This is the first parents’ house in the territory of Vojvodina, which was founded in 2013 in Novi Sad. It is intended for children who come from the interior of the country accompanied by their parents, during treatment for malignant diseases. This type of accommodation is one of the forms of psycho-social support and plays a significant role in the healing process. 160 families have found their place in this home so far, and during the year 2023 the Parents’ House was used by eight children with their parents.