Recycling extends the life of our Planet, do your part

Recycling extends the life of our Planet, do your part


Without all the different electronic and electric, as well as light devices, contemporary living is almost impossible to imagine. When EE waste and waste lightning become unusable, they turn into hazardous waste which needs to be disposed of properly.

Carnex has for many years organized the collection and recycling of the above stated hazardous waste through certified companies. In 2012, in the field of waste management, Carnex recycled electronic and electric waste while at the beginning of 2013 it began with the recycling of waste lightning. Also worth noting is the most significant portion of this waste such as printers, computer cases, cooling systems, pocket and desk calculators, electrical cables, sockets, motors and fans, air conditioners, mobile phones, light bulbs and fluorescent tube waste, etc.

Waste and neon bulbs are collected in separate watertight crates which prevent breakage or contamination of the environment given that waste glass and plastic very slowly, if at all, decompose while heavy metals that are found in neon lights and bulbs penetrate and pollute the soil and through erosion can reach groundwater.

With proper management and recycling, via certified companies, we give our contribution to preserving not only the work environment but also our living environment.

 Recycling extends the life of our Planet, do your part.