Our story

Our story

MK Group is a synonym for 35 years of successful and sustainable business. Our driving force is not only the team of 7000 employees, but also tens of thousands of business associates. Thanks to the corporate governance which is based on a stable cooperation with all relevant partners, over the years, the company has become a leader in three key areas of business: agriculture, tourism and banking. During almost four decades of successful work, the company has expanded its business operations across Southeast Europe with a special focus on 4 countries in the region: Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro. All these markets today clearly recognize that MK Group's goal is not only to produce good financial results, but also to develop 123 communities in which we operate. When we talk about improving the community, we first have in mind all our people, associates, institutions and society as a whole.

our vision

We create and implement the latest sustainable business models, elevate standards in key aspects of our business: agriculture, tourism and banking. All that with one goal in mind – to become the leader in Southeast Europe. This vision is the basis of our growth.

Transforming vision to growth for business, people and our whole society. This is precisely the basic purpose of MK Group's existence.

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our values

Each individual in the system is guided by the core values that the company nurtures: reliability, team spirit, innovation and responsibility.


our new face

The golden jubilee to mark 35 years of our successful business was the moment for a new chapter, symbolically initiated by the company’s new visual identity.

The new logo, in addition to the founders' initials (M and K), contains an infinite (∞) array of opportunities for the development of business, people and society as a whole and a golden arm symbolizing the vision for the future.

A journey of our development began with the vision of the founder. We’ve been achieving our business results for many years and we still achieve them by making smart decisions together as a team on a daily basis. Thus we’ve created a slogan - One Vision. Smart decisions.

A new visual identity and a strong message united both our business and life philosophy, but it also created further direction of our development. With our new identity, we’ve embraced all the diversity, strength and direction in which MK Group is moving unstoppably.

our results