Our story

Our story

MK Group has been synonymous with successful and sustainable business for 40 years. Our driving force is a team of 4,000 employees. Thanks to corporate management and stable cooperation with all relevant partners, the company has become a leader in three key areas of business over the years: agriculture and food industry, tourism and the real estate sector, and renewable energy sources. During four decades of work, we have become one of the largest investment companies in Southeast Europe. We are primarily expanding our business in the Adria region with a focus on: Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro. All these markets today clearly recognize that the goal is not only the achievement of good financial results, but also the development of all the local communities in which we operate.

mission and

We grow by creating an environment in which personal and team potentials are realized, with optimal management and responsible behavior.

We create values by the development of people, business and society as a whole.

our values

Each individual in the system is guided by the core values that the company nurtures: reliability, team spirit, innovation and responsibility.


40 Years of Business Operations

In the year of the jubilee, MK Group announces a new major three-year investment cycle worth 1.6 billion euros. We invest in three key areas: agriculture and the food industry, tourism and the real estate sector, and renewable energy sources, but we also do not forget the communities in which we operate and at the same time allocate 1 million euros for social responsibility. You can view some of the projects of the future by clicking on the link.

our results

Investments during 40 years of business development

New investment cycle 2023-2025

Business income in 2022

EBITDA growth in 2022 compared to the previous year

The number of people we employ in the Adriatic region

Investment in education and training of employees in 2022

Over a million euros per year for donations to local communities

Annual contribution to the budget of the Republic of Serbia in the name of taxes and contributions