Our team

Miodrag Kostić

President and founder of MK Group

He set up the vision in 1983, and ever since then MK Group has been a system to learn from, a trustworthy partner and a support to be counted on. For all these years, the goal has been to create a strong company that creates added value, new opportunities and chances for the community in which it operates, a company that opens up opportunities for the work and development of each individual cooperating with MK Group. Miodrag Kostić has received many awards throughout Europe for his entrepreneurial ventures, work, contributions and philanthropy.

Aleksandar Kostić

the Vice President of MK Group

He has been a part of the team for 6 years and is in charge of efficient and effective operations and proper resource management. He is actively involved in defining the holding company’s strategy, and, together with the rest of the team, works on implementing the vision of the President of the corporation.

Jovan Purar

Company Director and Chief Legal & Corporate Affairs Officer of MK Group

He has represented the company for 18 years before the judiciary, the state and public institutions. Thanks to the committed work of the team and his personal efforts, MK Group has received strong confirmation of legitimacy in all acquisitions and business endeavors on the European market and beyond.

Andrija Vuković

Company Director and Chief Financial & Risk Officer of MK Group

He actively participates in defining the financial sector strategy and ensuring the financial stability of MK Group. He is responsible for organizing and controlling of activities and resources within our three key business areas: agriculture, tourism and banking. Before he joined the team of MK Group system, he has been working in the banking industry for more than a decade.

Aleksandar Bijelić

MK Group's Director of the Sector for Digitization and Business Development

He is in charge of increasing efficiency, optimizing business processes, increasing agility and flexibility of the overall system to the digital changes on the market.

Luka Bjeković

MK Group's Director of the Mergers and Acquisitions Division

For almost 10 years in the company, he has conducted dozens of successful acquisitions which contributed to the development of our company's portfolio. He is responsible for quick reactions in recognizing good market opportunities and expanding the various segments of MK Group's business operations.

Aleksandra Stojanović

MK Group’s Corporate Affairs Director

She has worked for the company for a decade and is in charge of building and maintaining good relationship with all relevant stakeholders, including governmental and non-governmental organizations, business community, as well as media decision-makers. Additionally, she is responsible for improving the holding's business operations, as well as for building the company's reputation in the public.

Zorica Todorović

MK Group's HR Director

She is in charge of the organizational structure, as well as the strategy, of human resources, which is primarily focused on professional development, motivation and employee satisfaction.

Božidar Kostić

Head of MK Trading Division

Head of MK Trading Division. He has been successfully managing Agroglobe, Serbia’s largest company dealing with trade and logistics, for 15 years now. His team is responsible for the realization of one quarter of the total export of agricultural products of Serbia.

Strahinja Marjanović

Head of MK Farming Division

He is in charge of the synchronization of all agricultural processes and the implementation of new technologies by which the company will maximize its revenues with optimal costs in all areas cultivated by MK Farming.

Mohan Shrestha

Head of MK Meat Division

He joined the team in Carnex’s jubilee year, with ambitious plans for the introduction and full implementation of world business standards in the meat industry.

Slobodan Košutić

Head of MK Sugar Division

He is in charge of applying his knowledge and experience to the strategic development of Sunoko, whose three sugar plants annually process more than 2,700,000 tons of sugar beet.

Jelena Galić

President of the Executive Board of AIK Bank and the Supervisory Board of Gorenjska Bank

She is at the forefront of the MK Finance Division, one of the most profitable banking groups in Southeast Europe. For the fifth consecutive year, she has strengthened the presence and regional expansion of the Finance Division by leading the consolidation of the banking sector not only in our country, but across the region. The successful acquisition of 100% of Gorenjska Bank is just another confirmation of this strategic commitment.